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Spiegeloog is the online magazine for the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam, founded in 1973. New articles and columns are published online every week.


For any questions or inquiries, please e-mail to spiegeloog-fmg [at]


Spiegeloog is made by students, alumni and employees of the University of Amsterdam.

Editors in Chief

Editorial Board of 23/24

Vadim Martschenko


Vadim Martschenko (2001) is a third-year psychology student who is fascinated by how emotions and interpersonal relationships shape human behavior, especially when looking at the underlying neurobiological processes.

Berenike Simon

Editor & Podcaster

Berenike Simon (2001) is a third-year psychology student. She’s passionate about social psychology which she aims to explore from a critical and intersectional perspective. In her free time, she enjoys poetry, music, and fashion.

Avanti Vijay


Avanti Vijay (2002) is a first-year Research Master's student with a special interest in social neuroscience. In her free time, she loves nothing more than wandering through the city with her friends, spending hours in bookstores, and filling up her phone with photos.

Anika Korobkov


Anika Korobkov (2002) is a third-year psychology student interested in psycholinguistics and differences between cultures. She fuels these interests by reading, travelling and being curious about all new experiences life offers her.

Laura Springer


Laura Springer (1999) is a second-year Research Master's student and Cultural Psychology Master's student. She is interested in cultural, political and environmental matters and never leaves the house without a tote bag.

Christine Lastovka


Christine Lastovka (2001) is a third-year bachelor’s psychology student with a special interest in criminal psychology. Outside of university, she tries to travel as much as possible and loves to spend time with friends and read books.

Julek Kotowicz


Julek Kotowicz (2004) is a second-year psychology student who has a special place in their heart for clinical research psychology. They also figure skate, journal about the struggle of growing up, and pretend to know how to play guitar.

Tan Emci


Tan Emci (2003) is a third-year psychology student, and likes to study the brain and consciousness. Besides psychology, you can find him experimenting with different types of music and occasionally trying out new recipes.

Nitya Shah


Nitya Shah (2001) is a second-year Research Master's student specialising in Methods and Statistics. She is an occasional nostalgist, misplaced in the twenty-first century, battling with the idea of ‘it’ vs the ‘idea of it’.

Zhen Cong


Zhen Cong (2000) is a third-year Clinical Developmental Psychology student. He is passionate about developmental, military, and gaming psychology. A lover of sci-fi stories, he enjoys creative scientific communication through storytelling.

Emanuela Zhecheva


Emma Zhecheva (2000) is a second-year Cognitive Neuroscience Master's student, interested in researching the topics of decision-making, team dynamics and individual differences from an interdisciplinary lens. In her free time, she seeks to pet every street cat.

Katie Zankel


Katie Zankel (2003) is a third-year psychology student with a strong interest in clinical and developmental psychology. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, exploring the city with friends and travelling.

Nicole Haver


Nicole Haver (2002) is a second-year psychology student whose interests lie in developmental and clinical psychology. Outside the realm of psychology, she enjoys writing poetry, reading and binge-watching TV shows.

Aline Fontanelli


Aline Fontanelli (2003) is a second-year psychology student. They are mainly interested in social psychology and the intersection between the social sciences and politics. They love spending their free time listening to pretentious music, watching video essays and horror movies.

Ayla Farzali


Ayla Farzali (2003) is a third-year psychology student, interested in Brain and Cognition and its synthesis with art and well-being. She enjoys reading, cooking, and finding hidden gems in Amsterdam.

Ann-Kathrin Arui


Ann-Kathrin Arui (1999), or preferably just Aki, is a second-year Research Master’s student. She is interested in forensic psychology and morality, and wants to make knowledge from the ivory tower of academia accessible to everyone.

Clara Pulido Althaus


Clara (2001) is a third-year psychology student with a special interest in developmental psychology and culture. She enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family and listening to music.

Magda Matetovici


Magda Matetovici (1996) is a second-year Research Master's student. She is passionate about developmental and school psychology. Occasionally, she loves statistics and methodology. She enjoys painting, reading, and cooking assisted by her cat, Dobby.

Sara Fontecha Morgan


Sara Fontecha Morgan (2003) is a third-year psychology student interested in the interaction between nature vs nurture, trauma and psychedelic therapy. She's a foodie who enjoys exercising and reading to explore subjective psychology.

Tanvi Tandon


Tanvi Tandon (2004) is a second-year psychology student with a special interest in the interactions of the brain and behaviour. Besides this, she enjoys exploring the city for food, re-watching her favourite movies and of course… writing!

Ella Teuscher


Ella Teuscher (1999) is a Brain and Cognition in Society Master's student who is interested in basic cognitive processes such as reasoning and decision making and how they are produced by the brain. She enjoys music, literary arts, and mythology.

Shriya Bang


Shriya Bang (2004) is a second-year psychology student, interested in the commercial application of consumer neuroscience and behavioral change. She's also a dedicated hatewatcher and struggling ukulelist.

Hanna Niedl


Hanna Niedl is a second-year psychology student, particularly interested in Clinical Psychology and Brain & Cognition. Besides psychology, she likes to surround herself with art and good food, so you'll most likely find her watching a movie and cooking.

Aniya Khokar


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