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In ‘Let’s Mingle’, Lucie and Marie aim to build more cohesion in the University of Amsterdam through cross-faculty interactions and exchanges of ideas. For each episode they talk to people from different departments. The podcast is produced in collaboration with Medium, the magazine of the Communication Science Department. 

Introducing ‘Let’s Mingle’

Episode 1#
The rainbow has many symbols, which we touch upon in this first podcast episode. The symbol of individuality depicted by the very distinct colors nicely links to our three interviewees who all come from different educational backgrounds. Together with Max van der Linden (Psychology), Brahim Zarouali (Persuasive Communication) and Riet van Bork (Psychology/Philosophy) we discuss several questions related to the symbols of the rainbow and connect them to the question ‘what can we learn and take away from current times?’

Lucie Pressl and Marie Gaebel

Author Lucie Pressl and Marie Gaebel

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