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Podcast: Let’s Mingle #2 – The Human Thinker versus The AI

In ‘Let’s Mingle’, Lucie and Marie aim to build more cohesion in the University of Amsterdam through cross-faculty interactions and exchanges of ideas. For each episode they talk to people from different departments. The podcast is produced in collaboration with Medium, the magazine of the Communication Science Department. 

Episode 2#
In our ‘Power’ edition, we dive more closely into the fields of psychology, artificial intelligence (AI), and the media together with Claire Stevenson (psychology), Nils Köbus (AI), and Younes Skalli (media). Is the human thinker the ‘crown of creation’, uniquely powerful when it comes to thinking, or will it soon have (or does it already have) a competitor – the artificial machine? We discuss the power of human thinking in comparison to that of the artificial machine and consider the power of the media in shaping and influencing the human thinker.

Lucie Pressl and Marie Gaebel

Author Lucie Pressl and Marie Gaebel

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