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Podcast- Let’s Mingle: The Inaccessibility of the Internet

By April 19, 2023January 23rd, 2024No Comments

In ‘Lets Mingle’, Spiegeloog’s editors aim to create a deeper understanding of psychology by exploring a multitude of topics encountered in sciences, social debates and even pop-culture. In each episode our psychological knowledge is combined with the insight of experts from other (academic) fields and the intimacy of personal storytelling.  

For this episode, Berenike discusses the often understated barriers neurodivergents face when navigating through websites, programmes and Apps. While drawing from her own experience as a dyslexic person, she talks to others about the difficulties and burdens the neurotypical design of most digital media introduces into the lives of neurodiverse people. Together with Noana Smits, she then discusses the current state of information science and cognitive psychology whilst exploring how App- and web design can become more inclusive in the future. Finally, they turn to the digital design of the UvA and ask whether there is more that needs to be done to ensure digital accessibility.   

Illustrations by Mei-Lin Oomes

Berenike Simon

Author Berenike Simon

Berenike Simon (2001) is a second-year psychology student. She’s passionate about social psychology which she aims to explore from a critical and intersectional perspective. In her free time, she enjoys poetry, music, and fashion.

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