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Podcast- Let’s Mingle: Yes, And- Welcoming the Unknown

In ‘Lets Mingle’, Spiegeloog’s editors aim to create a deeper understanding of psychology by exploring a multitude of topics encountered in sciences, social debates and even pop-culture. In each episode our psychological knowledge is combined with the insight of experts from other (academic) fields and the intimacy of personal storytelling.  

For this episode, Anushka and Nike sit down with Saskia van der Maas, CEO of BoomChicago and founder of InterActing. InterActing is a nonprofit that provides improvisation classes and workshops for autistic youth. It allows them the opportunity to embrace breaking routine and working with spontaneity in a fun environment. What about this approach allows autistic youth to flourish in theater settings? Dive into possibilities and benefits of embracing spontaneity and the unknown.

Illustrations by Anushka Sabhanam

Anushka Sabhanam and Berenike Simon

Author Anushka Sabhanam and Berenike Simon

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