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Spiegeloog 426: Liberation

Words to Start: (Me)-&-You)

Liberation can come in many shapes and forms. The one I contemplated was the liberation from my family’s expectations. Like everybody at the end of secondary education, I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life. ‘What are you studying after graduation?’ had become the new ‘Hello, how are you?’ and I tried to avoid that question as much as I could. While my family did not pressure me into a specific career, they all – either explicitly or implicitly – let me in on their ideas about suitable degrees, careers, and lifestyles. Initially, I tried to meet their expectations but shortly realised that this was impossible. In the end, I opted for my own happiness. Was it easy? No. Did it feel bad at times? Yes. But was it worth it? Definitely.

Are you proud of me, I ask
You say yes, why?
I say, I was just not sure
No, I am proud of you
But why does it not feel like that
Why does it feel like I am not doing enough
Or doing too much of the things you don’t think matter
You don’t think will be important
You grew up in a traditional family
One you wanted to leave behind
But while trying to do so, the past kept creeping up 
Sometimes I see Grandma in you and I wish I didn’t 
I ask, are you proud of me
And then I realise, it doesn’t matter
Because following your dreams won’t make me happy
And while you say life is about more than that
I know it’s not
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