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CultureSpiegeloog 423: PrideWords to Start

Words to Start: Straight People by Maya

By January 11, 2023January 22nd, 2024No Comments

This issue of the Spiegeloog is dedicated to Pride which automatically makes me think of the queer community. While looking for poems about pride, I stumbled across the poetry slam by Maya. She discusses the relationship with her girlfriend which straight people tend to invalidate as an experiment. As a consequence, she would like to become a biologist to disprove their hatred. I only included a snippet of the poetry slam but would recommend watching the entire clip.

Straight people make me want to be a biologist

because even when I’m not in the lab,

you tell me I’m experimenting.

Playing with toxic chemicals

mistaking this love potion for poison

that what my girlfriend and I share is

a hypothesis instead of a result.

You take my conclusions away from me

and call them fiction.

Straight people make me want to be a biologist

because even when this is neither solid, liquid nor gas,

you tell me it’s just a phase.

That my experiences are meaningless

until validated by you.

You rip the weight from my actions

and make them light enough for you to carry


Laura Springer

Author Laura Springer

Laura Springer (1999) is a second-year Research Master's student and Cultural Psychology Master's student. She is interested in cultural, political and environmental matters and never leaves the house without a tote bag.

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