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Let's MingleSpiegeloog 422: Solace

Podcast- Let’s Mingle: Experts by Experience

In ‘Lets Mingle’, Spiegeloog’s editors aim to create a deeper understanding of psychology by exploring a multitude of topics encountered in sciences, social-debates and even pop-culture. In each episode our psychological knowledge is combined with the insight of experts from other (academic) fields and the intimacy of personal storytelling.  

For this episode, Anushka and Berenike explore the concept of Experts by Experience- why we go to people we think understand our problems when we would like to vent, who are not necessarily those we love most. People who ‘just get it’. For this episode, they interview Natasja Meeuwissen and Liesbeth van Rijswijk from the inspiring organization Praktijkhuis Inspiration, to gain insights into their work helping those struggling with Eating Disorder recovery as survivors themselves. They also invite the UvA student initiative, AllEars, to share how [psychology] students are able to help students as a listening ear, and what resources they have available. 

Illustration by Arianna Cavalli

Berenike Simon and Anushka Sabhanam

Author Berenike Simon and Anushka Sabhanam

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